Hot Yoga Inc Rebrand
8 weeks
Corporate Identity
Steve Watson

Hot Yoga Inc. Rebrand

Corporate Identity Design

Hot Yoga Inc is a chain of premier hot yoga studios based in the Seattle area. Known for being one of the hottest studios on the West Coast, Hot Yoga Inc provides a challenging mind body experience at a higher fitness level than most hot yoga studios.

A new look & feel

Hot yoga Inc's previous graphic identity was generic and outdated, clashing with their fiery and energetic company values. The objective of this project was to refresh Hot Yoga Inc’s visual identity to clearly communicate its ideals of power, intensity, and movement. 

Identifying the target audience

For fitness oriented yoga practitioners who seek extreme heat, rapid results, and weight loss, Hot Yoga Inc is the only yoga studio that focuses on physical fitness, provides the hottest temperatures, and uses infrared heating technology that contribute to a more challenging, intense, and sweaty yoga experience than other studios by pushing you to your absolute physical boundaries.