8 Million Microfibers
3 weeks
Teammates: Eliza Townsend & Patricia Lee
Exhibition/Installation Design

Exhibition/Installation Design
Kristine Matthews

8 Million Microfibers

For this project, we designed an exhibition that educated the public about the wasteful effects of washing synthetic clothing in the laundry machine. 

When washed, synthetic fabrics break down and release millions of tiny plastic fibers into our waterways. According to studies, a moderate load of laundry releases 20 million fibers of micro plastic, 40% of which ends up in our bodies of water. This equals a total of 8 million microfibers per wash.

Our solution

In response to this horrifying statistic, we decided to create monstruous letterforms out of microfiber material and hang them in Greenlake, Seattle as a public installation. Our goal was to spread awareness about the environmental impact of synthetic clothing and provide solutions for people to walk away with.

Final Installation

We hung the letterforms on a clothesline at Greenlake to juxtapose these hideous and manmade objects against our natural environment. Greenlake ended up being a perfect place as hundreds of people walked by and engaged with our installation.

Audience Engagement

“Among the things we have seen at Greenlake this is the most interesting. You guys should call a newspaper.” - 75-Year-Old Couple

“It spells M I L L I O N!” 
- 6-Year-Old Boy

“I really like the way you hung it up. It’s a great and fun way to learn about something new.”
- 32-Year-Old Woman

Moving Forward

My teammates and I plan to make an online presence for people to learn more about microfiber pollution and ways they can reduce it. We also want to install in multiple locations to continue spreading awareness and see the way that context effects audience engagement.